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About Ray


Graduated from Huron University in 1974

Was a DuPage County (Chicago Land) Police officer for 12 years. Graduated from Special Agent school and joined the United States DEA. Originally assigned to the Atlanta and Miami Field division.

I became a businessman after leaving law enforcement. Managed and co-owner numerous hotels in the Cincinnati area. Current owner of a hospitality business that generates 1.5 million dollars per year in revenue.


Current school and community involvement.

*Board Member of the community Foundation of west Chester/Liberty township. I chair the Scholarship committee which grants over$90,000.00 in scholarships to deserving Lakota students each year. I am also on the Grants Committee that supports local nonprofits with financial assistance. We have awarded grants to organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of Lakota as well as the Edge teen Center.

* Current president of the Optimists club of Lakota. This organization highlights Lakota students with our “Student of the Month” award. We also award 2 yearly scholarships to deserving Lakota students, one from East and another from West.

* Sunday School Superintendent at the West Chester Church of the Nazarene. In addition to supporting children worldwide, we offer scholarships to students who attend our church. This church is a major supported for the students and parents in Lakota.

* Operate and support two food initiatives for Lakota kids through the Church of the Nazarene. Kroger has been gracious to donate for these families. The church does the distribution.
Current adviser for many youth clubs and organization in the Lakota District. Including

• Youth in Philanthropy (group of 50 students learning what it takes to give back to the community.) The club know as YIP is a function of the Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty township. I have been a Board Member of this organization for the past 12 years.
• Get to school club at Woodland Elementary. 120 students that meet monthly to learn skills that will make them successful in both school and later in life.
• Act help for students at both East and West. This is a Saturday program that kick off whenever we get interest in kids that want to improve their scores and chances in getting into college.

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